Gravestone Services of New England cleans, conserves, and repairs historic gravestones and monuments throughout New England and beyond.                                                             We have preserved nearly 20,000 gravestones and monuments. 

New England proudly showcases some of the oldest and most elaborate gravestones in the United States. Age, neglect, acidic pollution, harsh weather, failed previous repairs and vandalism has left many stones deteriorated or damaged. Gravestone Services uses gentle methods and non-abrasive hand tools to clean, conserve and repair our historic markers. We do not use harsh chemicals (such as bleach and acid) or pressure wash so that no harm is done to any stones.

We are the only company to use a mini crane to safely and precisely lift and move gravestones and monuments. This increases overall safety and helps to keep your project on time and on budget. 

We service single gravestones, mausoleums, tombstones  and monuments up to entire cemeteries. Please see our Services section for some amazing before and after photos. Contact us to discuss your cemetery repair needs and request a free estimate.